AVG AntiVirus 2017-2018 Full Free Download

AVG AntiVirus 2017-2018 Full Free Download

AVG AntiVirus Full Free Download


AVG AntiVirus FREE 2017-2018 is AVG’s first release since the company was acquire by AVAST.The program aims to blend the best technologies from each company. For example, the engine is AVAST, but the “Software Analyzer” heuristics come from AVG, and you also get AVG’s ZEN device manager.

 The new release gets real-time protection against zero-day malware via “CyberCapture, the company’s proprietary, cloud-base smart file scanner.”

There are no more update delays, either. Even the free build now gets you “Pushe Priority Updates”, ensuring you’re always equipp with the very latest malware detection and blocking abilities.

AVG AntiVirus Full Free Download

A new online shield blocks access to malicious links and websites.You’re now able to install and run AVG AntiVirus FREE alongside other security products. The program automatically installs using a new “Passive Mode” to avoid any conflicts or issues.The program still offers all the regular malware detection and blocking features of previous editions, and a revamped interface makes it easier to explore and use.

AVG AntiVirus Full Free Download


The new AVG AntiVirus FREE has gain some welcome extras from the new AVAST input, and we’ll be interest to see how that translates into protection levels.


Specification: AVG AntiVirus FREE 2017-2018:

Windows XP,Windows Vista (32 bit),Windows 7 (32 bit),Windows Vista (64 bit),Windows 7 (64 bit),Windows 8,Windows Server,windows 10
AVG Antivirus Free is an antimalware security suite that include an active file and email scanner, plus Web browsing protection. Avast Software (AVG’s main competitor) bought AVG Technologies in October 2016, but the two brand and product lines remain separate.



Highly customizable behavior: It doesn’t look like it at first glance, but AVG Antivirus Free offers a variety of sliders and checkboxes to let you tweak its scanning behavior. Click the Menu button and select Settings to see all your options. They are categorized and neste intuitively, and you can create backups of your settings (it would also be nice to have an option to reset everything to defaults).

Helpful explanations of jargon: A lot of settings have an “i” icon you can put your mouse pointer on to display a small pop-up window with more information. If that’s not enough, there’s a context-sensitive ? button in the upper right that will take you to an AVG webpage with more detail information about what the setting does. Ideally, this extra layer of info would be available offline, but such a feature is unfortunately rare among antivirus apps.

Historically above-average malware detection: According to the tests performe in the past by independent labs such as AV-Test and AV Comparatives, AVG has performed moderately better than one would expect from a free malware scanner.

AVG AntiVirus Full Free Download


Upsell-oriented interface: Antivirus companies prefer paying customers, and they are sometimes more aggressive about converting free users than we’d like. When you double-click the AVG icon in the Windows system tray, it doesn’t take you to the antivirus interface. Instead, it display AVG Zen, which advertises three tools not included in the AVG Antivirus Free package: PC Tuneup, HMA Pro VPN, and Web Tuneup.

There’s a button on the far left to access your antivirus, but the following window divide your tools into Basic Protection and Full Protection, the latter of which is not includ. Then there’s a section below with more product offers.

AVG AntiVirus Full Free Download


Full Protection includes a software firewall, file encryption, and a mechanism to detect when an imposter website is trying to trick you into giving it your credit card info; that package costs $70 per year. It does not include the VPN (virtual private network) or the tuneup tools; those are bundle with AVG Ultimate, which costs $100 per year. Alternatively, you can get the PC Tuneup tool separately for $50 per year, the VPN for $100 per year, and the Web Tuneup tool for free.

These are all substantially higher prices than you’ll see for Norton which makes the upsells that much more disagreeable. Not to mention that PC Tuneup’s functionality is largely replicat by CCleaner (Windows, Mac), which you can get for free.

Bottom Line

AVG offers a fine degree of control and competently explains its various functions, but user appeal is diminish by a sales-driven interface.Correction: A previous version of this review state that Avast’s malware scanner produce a false positive, which turned out to be incorrect upon further investigation. This changes the review score from 3 stars to 3.5 stars.

AVG AntiVirus Full Free Download



AVG AntiVirus 2017-2018 Full Free Download