CoolNovo 2017-2018 Full Free Download

CoolNovo 2017-2018 Full Free Download



Formerly known as ChromePlus, CoolNovo is an enhanced version of the Chrome web browser that bundles a few very welcomed extra features, such as mouse gestures, super drag and an improved download manager.

Installation process and tutorial

The simple installation procedure is followed by a starting guide, a sort of tutorial that walks you through the special abilities of CoolNovo. The explanations are accompanied by pictures, so you can easily identify the functions later on.

Key features to play with

Truth be told, CoolNovo does sport a few outstanding features. For instance, you can switch to Internet Explorer mode when you access websites which do not support Chrome, restore closed tabs with the click of a button in toolbar, and save your configuration data to the servers in the cloud in order to synchronize it with other computers.


Fast navigation mode

Futhermore, CoolNovo comes with mouse gestures (e.g. scroll page up and down, open previous or next tab, navigate back and forward, reload current or all tabs, stop loading, new homepage tab), super drag (drag and open a page in foreground of background), download tools supported in the context menu, enhanced bookmarks, as well as the ability to double click or right click the tab area to close the page.

In addition, you can configure tabs, mouse gestures, the bookmarks bar, downloads, privacy data, IE tab settings, Adblock and the accelerator from the Options section of the application.



CoolNovo is extremely fast, and it uses a lesser amount of system resources than Chrome does. Switching to IE mode is very simple, and mouse gestures are practical, although you need some time to get use to them.

Bottom line

In conclusion, CoolNovo is an enhanced version of Chrome, one that makes browsing easier and more comfortable. By providing all of the aforementioned features, it’s safe to say that CoolNovo represents serious competition for Google’s browser.

Cool Novo is another web browser that’s base on the same engine as the original Google Chrome and adds a bunch of handy new tools that make it even easier and more enjoyable to use.


More features

The interface in CoolNovo is identical to Google Chrome, with the new features being mainly under the hood: close tabs by double clicking on them, browse the web with mouse gestures, open links by dragging and dropping them, open Internet Explorer tabs and have download managers embedded into the browser’s context menu.

The new tools in CoolNovo certainly make web browsing more comfortable, but they also lack proper configuration options. Mouse gestures, for example, can’t be tweak at all.

Cool Novo is a web browser base on Google Chrome’s engine with some handy extra features that make it even easier to use.


CoolNovo 2017-2018 Full Free Download

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