Elecard StreamEye Studio 2018 Full Free Download

Elecard StreamEye Studio 2018 Full Free Download

Elecard StreamEye Studio


A comprehensive suite of tools dedicated to in-depth analysis of encoded video streams, also integrating a YUV viewer and a buffer analyzer

Elecard StreamEye Studio comprises a suite of tools ready to assist professionals in performing in-depth analysis of encoded video streams, assess playback quality, optimize compression and verify standard compliance.

The toolbox of a video coding pro

The suite includes several applications that can work together in order to help codec authors, system engineers or app developers get an insight into the structure of a video sequence. In random order, these are: StreamEye, Elecard Stream Analyzer, Elecard Buffer Analyzer, Elecard Video QuEst and YUV Viewer.

All applications are compatible with MPEG-2 transport and program streams, MP4 and MKV files, MPEG 1/2, AVC/H.264, HEVC/H.265 video streams. While their interfaces are intuitive and easy to get accustomed with, the generated data is dedicated to video coding experts.

Elecard StreamEye Studio

Buffer inspection and video sequence analysis

StreamEye can analyze a video stream, displaying information regarding the type and size of all frames and data concerning code units, motion vectors, quantizers, bit sizes, bit distribution and more. It generates a visual representation of encoded streams

The Stream Analyzer allows detailed syntax inspection of the loaded stream, with additional options to view the stream structure in HEX mode, detecting transport errors, overhead calculation and element search.

Elecard Buffer Analyzer can generate and display a representation of the buffer curve, while the Video QuEst is designed to help you calculate video quality metrics. With YUV Viewer you can load YUV sequences and perform file comparison.

Elecard StreamEye Studio

Analyze the structure of a video stream

Elecard StreamEye Studio includes all the tools video coding professionals require in order to analyze a video stream, allowing them to compare videos to the last detail and optimize compression. With an advanced feature set and intuitive options, it can generate complete reports regarding the structure of a video.


  • 21 days trial
  • Stream Analyzer: parsing for the first 500 packets
  • Nag screen


    • MMX-enhanced CPU (Intel® Pentium III, Celeron, AMD® Athlon, Opteron etc.).
    • 128 MB RAM.

Elecard StreamEye Studio

Elecard StreamEye Studio 2018 Full Free Download

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