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Media Companion 3.723 Beta Crack

Media Companion is a free, open source Movie/TV Show manager and organizer, which has full integration with KODI.

The app gathers media data from the Internet and integrates it into your collection. This includes data on posters, plot summary, actors and actor images, and ratings.

Media Companion is able to can scan a directory containing your movie files and then compile all of the information it can regarding your collection. It is able to access a variety of different online databases such as IMDB, TMDB, and Yahoo! to populate the database with information about your media collection.

Media Companion allows you to browse movies, TV shows, music videos, posters, personal collections and more and catalog your results. Also available as 32-Bit.

Media Companion 3.723 Beta Crack

The downloadable executable is a 7z file that will auto extract for you and creates a folder where you run it from. The app is portable so simply run Media Companion to get started. At first glance, Media Companion looks a little complicated. There’s a ton of forms and tabs to deal with. However, you only need to start at the top left under Search to find your first movie or TV shows. For testing, we decided to go with Gotham and not enter any additional search terms or details and realized our first mistake was the default selected “Movies,” but there were also choices for TV Shows, Music Videos, or Home Movies.

Once you search, you select your options from the opposite panel and choose scrape. You can look up TVDB and IMDB, art, and more. Often, we see all sorts of information to enter from director, actors, writers, and more but somehow a simple search of a TV or movie title isn’t as easy to find and execute in all places.

There are millions of possible searches from artists, movies, TV show, posters, artwork, and so much more. We still think there’s a better way to unclutter the interface, but if you don’t mind a little learning curve to get used to the app, then Media Companion is hard to beat when you want every possible result.

Media Companion has stacks of useful tools, but by far the best is its integration with KODI. All of the information in the Media Companion database is shared with KODI, as it is a DLNA-compliant media server. This means that you have access to it via your portable devices, SmartTV or your gaming console.

Media Companion 3.723 Beta Features 

  • Auto-Scrape Clear-Art, logo’s etc from Fanart.TV
  • Auto-Scrape MovieSet artwork – Note: New movie sets must be renamed, or a Central MovieSet Artwork folder selected.
  • Select MovieSet artwork on the Fanart.Tv tab
  • Scrape Bluray movies stored in Bluray folder structure
  • Rename Folder and/or Movie
  • Support of <tag> for all your movies
  • Allows Alternative movie Versions
  • Scrape movie information from IMDB using the inbuilt scraper
  • Scrape Movie information using XBMC’s theMovieDb scraper
  • Save artwork in Dharma/Eden, Frodo or Both format – Default format is now Frodo. Fully compatible with Gotham and Helix
  • Download movie posters from any of IMDB, TMdb, IMPA, and MPDB.
  • Download movie backdrops from TMdb.
  • Download movie trailers from IMDB.
  • View and edit all obtained data.
  • Include ‘ExtraThumbs’ (For skins that support this function, Movies need to be in individual folders)
  • Media info icons overlay fanart
  • Search and browse movies using a selection of filters and searches.
  • Export to HTML movie details & artwork, with customizable templates.

How To Install?

1: Click on Download Button.
2: Softwares Auto Download.
3: Open Download File.
4: Click on Install.
5: Follow The Instructions.
6: Thanks For Downloading.

Overall, Media Companion is a comprehensive solution for organizing your media. It is lightweight and, once installed, is almost fully automated, so you don’t have to worry about configuration too much.