MediaCoder 2017-2018 Full Free Download

MediaCoder 2017-2018 Full Free Download



MediaCoder is a universal media transcoding software actively developed and maintained since 2005. It puts together most cutting-edge audio/video technologies into an out-of-box transcoding solution with a rich set of adjustable parameters which let you take full control of your transcoding. New features and latest codecs are add or update in weekly basis, which you get all for free! MediaCoder might not be the easiest, but what matters here is quality and performance, and it will be your swiss army knife for media transcoding once you grasp it.

MediaCoder is a proprietary transcoding program for Microsoft Windows. It has been develope by Stanley Huang since 2005.

MediaCoder uses various open source (and several proprietary) audio and video codecs to transcode media files to different audio/video formats. Common uses for the program include compression, file type conversion, remuxing and extraction of audio from video files. Many formats are support, including MP3, Vorbis, Opus, Advanced Audio Coding (AAC), Windows Media Audio (WMA), RealAudio, WAV, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, MPEG-4 Part 2, MPEG-2, Audio Video Interleave (AVI), Video CD and DVD-Video.



MediaCoder is supply free of charge and fully functional as long as there is an internet connection available, it is support by bundling the OpenCandy software recommendation service in its installer. During a batch conversions once a certain number of conversions have been perform a window appears requiring human interaction (a simple CAPTCHA) to dismiss or pay a donation in order to remove the periodic nagging. ($15 minimum in 2011, $20 in 2012, $25 as of August 2013) This qualifies this application as nagware. After donating the user is supply with an ID which must be enter and verify in the software. If the software is subsequently used without being connect to the internet the nags will reappear because the software randomly checks online whether the user has a valid ID unless a USB license dongle is purchase.

Prior to 2008, MediaCoder was a free and open-source software application and was available on SourceForge. MediaCoder was a nominee of SourceForge.NET 2007 Community Choice Award of Best Project for Multimedia along with Audacity, InkScape and FFDShow. On December 2009 however, Stanley Huang announced that the project is no longer hosted on SourceForge and no longer open-source. A list of older versions, release dates and release notes can be found here.

Its most important features are enhancing audio and video contents using filters, a generous set of transcoding parameters for adjusting and tuning, GPU encoding acceleration, converting between the most common audio and video formats, ripping BD/DVD/VCD/CD and capturing from video cameras.


If you get lost in all these advance options and prefer a limited experience for beginners, hit the “Simple mode” button and you’ll be able to familiarize with MediaCoder more easily.

If you are a power user, there are always additional tools to explore.

To put it more simply, you will be using MediaCoder for mainly these purposes: reducing the size of audio and video files, ripping audio and video discs, repairing corrupted and partial downloaded files, extracting audio tracks from video files, and converting media content for playback in multimedia devices and for online publication or broadcasting.

To sum up, MediaCoder is a complex tool allowing you to get the best out of your media files. Its outstanding features will stun beginners and will fully satisfy pros.

If you are a power user who edits and streams media contents, then MediaCoder is definitely a good choice for you.


MediaCoder Features:

  • Converting between most popular audio and video formats
  • H.264/H.265 GPU accelerated encoding (QuickSync, NVENC, CUDA)
  • Ripping BD/DVD/VCD/CD and capturing from video cameras
  • Enhancing audio and video contents by various filters
  • An extremely rich set of transcoding parameters for adjusting and tuning
  • Multi-threaded design and parallel filtering unleashing multi-core power
  • Segmental Video Encoding technology for improved parallelization

MediaCoder Supported Fomats

Lossy Audio Compression Formats
MP3, Vorbis, LC-AAC, HE-AAC, Opus, AC-3, MPEG Audio, MusePack, Speex, AMR, Windows Media Audio, ADPCM, mp3PRO.


Lossless Audio Compression Formats
FLAC, WavPack, Monkey’s Audio, OptimFrog, ALAC, TTA, PCM.

Video Compression Formats
H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC, VP8/VP9, MPEG 1/2/4, Flash Video, XviD, DivX, Theora, Dirac, H.263, RealVideo, Windows Media Video, Huffyuv, MJPEG.

Container Formats
MP4, WebM, F4V, FLV, Matroska, AVI, MPEG-PS, MPEG-TS, ASF, MTS/M2TS/AVCHD, Quicktime/MOV, PMP, RealMedia, OGM.

Storage Media and Streaming (Input)


MediaCoder 2017-2018 Full Free Download