Screen To Gif 2.13.1 Full Free Download

Screen To Gif 2.13.1 Full Free Download

Screen To Gif 2.13.1 Full Free Download


With Screen To Gif you can record your screen, edit and save as a Gif or video! Great software for Windows PC. Record your current amazing display screen with this application. Download today this amazing free screen recorder tool for PC!

Screen To Gif is a highly intuitive application meant to aid users in generating their own animations. The program features multiple options for customization, such as adding text strings or sepia effects.

ScreentoGIF does not interfere with whatever you are doing, and you can go on working on the program you are using because the application has a transparent background. You will only see its edges and controls, and you can adjust its size to even cover the entire screen.

You can make a few configurations, including the F keys to use as shortcuts, showing cursor and allowing editing after recording.

All that’s necessary to use the application is to download and extract it to your desired destination from where you will launch it. Of course, you can add its shortcut to your desktop for quick launching.


  • A whole world of customization

    The application records the current display screen, saves each screenshot as a frame and allows users to edit these pictures before generating the output file.

    One of the very nice features of this tool is that the built-in “Editor” is very powerful and allows for a lot of user-customization.

    Short text descriptions or captions can be inserted. A really great function is that users have complete control over the display timers. One could, for example, create an animation that displays a certain message for just a few frames.

    All the basic image modification tools are available

    The program is highly flexible and allows users to adjust their screen recordings by adding frame-by-frame crop, rotate and flip effects.

    Users that find these options too limiting should also know that Screen To Gif can add sepia, pixelate, blur, negative, color and grayscale filters. And, if all else fails, a “Free drawing” option exists to fully emancipate users’ imagination!

    An interesting option is the “Speed modifier”. This allows users to speed up or slow down their animations. This is a perfect method of blurring out irrelevant parts of the animation!

Screen To Gif 2.13.1 Full Free Download